Our history


Santa Caterina restaurant derives its name from the nearby Chapel of Santa Caterina from Alessandria and its famous fountain.

It was founded in 1958 by Nonno Gino" (grandfather Gino), a man of great determination, who joined by his sons and many nephews, turned it from a homey, wood made little chalet, into a much larger space, adding in 1963 the "bar" and "big hall"areas.

Now it's especially Gino's son, Nando, with his sons - Luciano, Daria and Luigi - and his wife Adriana, to keep up the great the tradition of the Tuscan homemade style of cooking: the drawn fresh pasta made with the traditional piece of wood called "mattarello", the fresh pig mushrooms, the "Fiorentino Style" steak, cooked on the coals.

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Our traditions


Santa Caterina Restaurant is located in the center of the natural Vallombrosa forest, on the Pratomagno mountain, found to a height of almost one kilometer above see level.

It is nearby the famous and homonymous water source (with healthy properties, because very poor of sodium) and the Chapel in honour of Santa Caterina from Alessandria, the saint who gives her name to the area.

This background of untouched nature goes well with our traditional kitchen, characterized by natural products worked to hand as once.
On our tables, you will enjoy home made fresh pasta, fresh goat cheese, wild boar sauce, just to mention some of our delicious specialties.